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Black Bean & Pumpkin Enchiladas from Veggies Don’t Bite

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday, & you know what that means…it’s "Wellness Wednesdays" over here at Vegenista HQ!

Today’s guest, Sophia from Veggies Don’t Bite, is sharing a scrumptious fiesta style, seasonally inspired recipe for vegan & gluten-free "Black Bean & Pumpkin Enchiladas." Did you miss it? Fear not friends, you can get the recipe here! Let’s blend up some margaritas & get our fiesta on!

If you guys haven’t eaten these yet, take it on my good authority that you should. Immediately.

Aloo Gobi with Buckwheat Soba Stirfry

Who loves Indian food? Well, probably everyone should but god damn do I love Aloo Gobi. That was the star of this show. The Buckwheat Soba Stirfry with Mandarin “Chik’n” was just something extra we were craving. Hard.

So, I’d never made aloo gobi before! Cauliflower, potatoes… damn damn damn this was fantastic. I keep turmeric and the rest of the needed spices in my cabinet, but I did not have any garam masala. This was delicious without, but that is the traditional spice for this dish, so I’ll be investing in it for next time. I adapted this recipe from allrecipes, which honestly I’m a big fan of.

Get my recipe here!


Possibly the best salad ever.

White bean, quinoa, carrot, orange bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, minced shallot, lightly wilted baby spinach, TWO AVOCADOS, fresh spring herb mix, and arugula + clover micro-greens tossed in a smoked tomato dressing.

All in all this bad-boy came out to almost two pounds* of lean green noms.

*(per serving)

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