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Did you know camera film isn’t vegan? All camera films use gelatin.


Uh oh, hipsters, better throw away give me your Lomos and your Holgas.

Anyone have a nonveganfriendly Contax 645 or Mamiya RZ67 they wanna let go of for cheap free?

This is such a bitchy post. Get off your high fucking horse - I’m a photographer and I use film, but as a vegan I actively save lives that you destroy every day as a non-vegan. I am morally superior to you and I have no problem saying it. If that makes me a hipster, so be it.

Know your facts. What have vegans ever done to you? There is no such thing as a ‘pure’ vegan - but trying and avoiding what is possible is what counts. You are doing nothing but contributing. 

Plastic cameras? You can’t get more hipster than that. Practice what you preach and go back to your gay-hate supporting Urban Outfitters.