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Tumblr and “Privilege”.

I’ve been seeing this word in two different arguments lately and they’re both fucking stupid. 

On one hand, omnivores screaming it’s their privilege to eat all the animals they want. Try to sound stupider, I beg you. 

On the other hand, omnivores screaming about “vegan privilege” which I still don’t understand. Do you think I sit here on a computer I didn’t work for all day bitching about my ethics and eating soy ice cream from Whole Foods? Do you think I live off those expensive and extremely processed frozen Amy’s meals and faux meats and cheeses? I get treats when I can afford it sometimes just like you omnis do. 

The rest of the 99% of my life, I compare the prices of canned beans and quinoa just like everyone else. 

I’m getting so sick of us vs. them. I’m getting so sick of habit over morals.